Carp Anonymizer

Organizations handling citizens’ data, like Governmental institutions, have to deal with an increasing number of public requests for information. The implementation of the GDPR and AVG regulations will most likely further increase the number of public information requests. It is up to the governmental institutions to deal with these requests effectively and with care. For this reason the Carp Anonymizer was developed. It automates anonymizing and pseudonymizing sensitive data elements in unstructured content.

To anonymize or to pseudonymize ?

The Carp Anonymizer is capable of anonymizing sensitive documents and texts but also to pseudonymize them.

What is the difference?

When pseudonomyzing documents or text the Carp Extractor analyzes what the role is of the persons mentionned in the texts. Depending on the role, the name with all its expressions, can be altered to an neutral and ficticious name. The pseudonymization will keep the readibility of the text.

However, if required the name can be blacked out.

Benefits of the Anonymizer

Use of the Carp Anonymizer compared with manual anonymization provides the following benefits:

  • Efficiency. Manual anonymization of larg(er) documents requires a significant amount of time to inspect, analyze and correct. Automated anonymization is up to 80% more efficient than manual anonymization.
  • Accuracy. The machine is far more accurate than any human being.
  • Costs. The costs per document is reduced significantly.

Domain specific

Experience taught us that anonymization and pseudonymization is different for various domains. The legal domain with its generally highly structured content differs much from the more structured content, for example in healthcare.