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“We have a special blend of capabilities with the people at TM7. Plus the managing director and inspirator, Egbert van de Coevering, makes sure the company is continually looking for new ways to innovate.”
E2E Technologies

Your partner in IT innovation

The professionals of TM7 are working hard every day on the development and implementation of innovative information technology for a wide range of clients. This includes innovation in such fields as software, tools, and applications, but also modernisation, integration, and compatibility with existing or obsolete systems. We create IT environments for large and medium-sized businesses and organisations that can keep pace with today’s rapidly changing information society.

TM7 helps its clients with tooling and products developed in our own design lab or acquired through our international partnerships with such market leaders as E2E in Switzerland and Carp Technologies in the Netherlands.

Need structured data from text?

For over 15 years Carp Technologies created innovative solutions based on language technology for many clients. Some standard products are directly available and with the own developed core modules we can create quickly special solutions. Read here for the innovative language technology.

Our reliable professionals work effectively, with consideration for both people and society, and speak the same language as you. That is our commitment.


CARP Services update

We’ve added support for documents like HTML, XML, Microsoft Office, PDF to the Carp language technology Web services.  Read more… 

May 2013 – New website and corporate image for TM7

With the purchase of the majority stake in Carp Technologies, TM7 has taken a big step forward.

May 2013 – TM7 buys majority stake Carp Technologies

TM7 has developed collaborations with leading IT companies in recent years, such as E2E in Switzerland.