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“We have a special blend of capabilities with the people at TM7. Plus the managing director and inspirator, Egbert van de Coevering, makes sure the company is continually looking for new ways to innovate.”
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“We are very satisfied with the ParkingPermits&Dashboard application”
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Carp Technologies supports several SOAP web services. All web services are based on the SOAP XML interface (

Each Carp web service has a dedicated URI. If you want to use the web services or need specialized new ones or want to use specialized applications, please contact us.

With the services you can pass plain text or binary documents (HTML, XML, Microsoft Office, PDF etc. ). 


classification of documents


finding and comparing of similar text files


detect specific entities in text

KeywordFinder / Tagging

tag a document without training.


get sentiment information given a document.


automatic dynamic summarization of any text


get associations in a cloud form for a given word.