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“We have a special blend of capabilities with the people at TM7. Plus the managing director and inspirator, Egbert van de Coevering, makes sure the company is continually looking for new ways to innovate.”
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Automatic tagging

Language technology products

Nowadays we can search in fractions of seconds, but how can we find the right information? And how do we find when we do not know where to look? A good method is to classify texts. The downside training is required.

For this problem Carp Technologies developed a unique improved technology: keyword extraction. Based on Natural Language Technology and techniques developed by Carp the keyword extractor shows the important subjects in text and create the tags for the text. Finding the right tags is automatic, no training is needed!

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Anonimising or Pseudonimising

Language technology products

The Internet is continually having a liberating influence on societies. The call for transparency continuous to increase. This is in marked contrast with the privacy laws in various countries. The big question: How to properly and appropriately protect personal information? Making previously anonimized documents available is an good option, but very time consuming to implement to date. Could automating this process make this a viable option?

The Anonimising-Pseudonimising functionality enables the user to automatically identify personal data about individuals, such as witnesses, suspects and victims in legal/judicial documents. 

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Automatic Summarizer

Language technology products

Everyone is familiar with the term ‘Big Data’: the growing amount of information generated by machines.  Less well known is the term ‘Big Content’ the growing amount of information generated by humans. Big Content expected to grow four times as fast as Big Data. How do you do as an organization with that?


Language technology products

According to your dictionary, ‘to Google’ means ‘to search for information on the Internet’. These days, almost everyone uses ‘googling’, generating millions of results in a fraction of a second. The question is: Are you finding what you are looking for?

The Identifier service automatically adds meta-data to your documents in the form of keywords and tags to significantly improve the ability to find relevant data files in future searches.

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