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“We have a special blend of capabilities with the people at TM7. Plus the managing director and inspirator, Egbert van de Coevering, makes sure the company is continually looking for new ways to innovate.”
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“We are very satisfied with the ParkingPermits&Dashboard application”
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Managed transition

Transformation Services

The post-war ‘baby boom’ generation will start retiring across the whole of Europe from 2015 onwards. The applications built by this generation are still being used by many large institutions, including banks. To make a managed transition from these critical – mainframe – applications to more decentralised environments possible, TM7 is developing [read more]

Land Registry Office goes for quicker and cost-effective

Transformation Services

For the Netherlands Land Registry Office, TM7 has converted an obsolete CoolGen application into the new languages Java and C++. The computerised conversion carried out by TM7 proved to be [read more]

Modern IT environment

Transformation Services

Many businesses and organisations would like to restructure their organisation from functional to [read more]