Available Webservices

The Carp product range supports several SOAP web services. All web services are based on the SOAP XML interface (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOAP).
Each Carp web service has a dedicated URI. If you want to use the web services or need specialized new ones or want to use specialized applications, please.
With the services you can pass plain text or binary documents (HTML, XML, Microsoft Office, PDF etc. ).


classification of documents


finding and comparing of similar text files


detect specific entities in text

KeywordFinder / Tagging

tag a document without training.


get sentiment information given a document.


automatic dynamic summarization of any text

Technical Documentation

TM7 offers tools for a.o.

  • Classifying Documents

    The TM7 classifier can handle small and large documents form various formats

  • Summarizing and highlighting texts

    To be more productive and objective analysis TM7 provides the summarizer and highlighter that focus on the objective essential parts of texts

  • Entity extraction

    To check large files for entities for research or for anonimization TM7 provides tools for entity extraction

  • Infocloud

    To detect relations within various texts TM7 offers the infocloud that allows researcher to see the relation between topics within texts

For the full stack of tools please contact TM7 or one of its consultants.

By upgrading to a Konnect subscription you will gain access to advanced features and will also receive continuous updates so we can provide you with an exceptional experience.



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