CARP-E Anonymizer

Automatic anonymization:
In may 2018 the GDPR resolution and its national legal implementations (AVG) has come into force. This new legislation requires companies and government handling EU citizens’ data, to undertake major operational reform. TM7 NLP specialists offers the CARP-E Anonymizer also solution for pseudonymization and anonymization of personal data in unstructured content including pictures.

The Carp CARP-E Anonymizer is capable of automatically anonymizing sensitive documents and texts. Automation can be a viable option for taking all manual labor intensive and not so exciting work out of your hands.

Benefits of the Anonymizer
Compared with manual anonymization, the use of CARP-E Anonymizer provides the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: Manual anonymization of large documents requires a significant amount of time to inspect, analyze and correct. Automated anonymization is over 90% more efficient than manual anonymization.
  • Accuracy: The Carp Anonymizer is far more accurate than any human being.
  • Costs: The costs per document reduce significantly due to more efficiency and accuracy.

You can have a look how municipality Utrecht is using Carp Anonymizer to automate the process of anonymization of publicly available documents.

The Anonymizer is available as installable software and web service to fit neatly in your current application environment. We look forward to share more details about the Anonymizer as a standalone application or in combination with any of our other Carp Suite modules. Contact us for more information or request a demo.