Is your company using AI and NLP already ?

More and more companies are implementing Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate and speed up their processing and increase customer satisfaction. Customer expectations on delivery and quality are increasingly demanding. These high expectations can’t be met without implementing intelligent software that can handle large amounts of unstructured data.

  • Robotics when implemented need quality input

    Implementing robotics is an effective, yet common way to improve processes over existing legacy applications. Today’s input for robotized processes is mainly manual .The TM7 suite delivers high quality input extracted from large amounts of unstructured data.

  • Dealing with GDPR and AVG (Dutch) obligations

    Per May 25th, 2018 the GDPR resolution and its national legal implementations (AVG) will come into force. This new legislation requires companies and government handling EU citizens’ data, to undertake major operational reform.TM7 offers solutions for pseudonymization and anonymization of personal data in unstructured content including pictures.

  • Dealing with large archives

    Large institutions tend to have very large yet unfortunately undisclosed archives To help disclosing these archives the CARP metadator can help disclose these digitalized archives in line with models such as TMLO.


Natural Language Processing for financials and government

Carp Extractor

TM7 uses its state of the art data capture technology based on Natural Language Processing techniques and modern big data concepts to accurately extract data from unstructured text. Both supervised and unsupervised learning can be applied to achieve the most accurate results.

Carp Metadator

TM7 uses revolutionary data capture technology which departs from the traditional template approach and uses modern big data concepts to accurately extract data from unstructured text. Using an evolving data set and user supervision a real-time feedback loop is created, similar to bias units in a neural network, which enables exceptional accuracy.

Carp Anonymizer

In 2018 new European privacy legislation (GDPR/AVG) will come into force, where new and strict rules apply to businesses and governmental organizations for handling citizens’ data. The Carp anonymization solution could be of help concealing personal data.


Organizations need to implement new functionalities and capabilities in an ever increasing pace. To speed up, TM7 is developing a software suite that can be used and trained by organizations themselves.

CARP Language Technology.

TM7 actively carries out R&D in the field of language technology sometimes together with carefully selected partners. Our R&D investment has resulted in a growing suite of tools. Our tools address a variety of unstructured digital content challenges. Some examples are: enabling selection and playback of original audio court session recordings, summarize digital textual content while maintaining the true central theme and the extraction of relevant information from content, such as persons, companies, key concepts, etc.
The possibilities for using language technology are endless. Explore Carp introduction pages

Unstructured data overload

To survive companies and institutions have to transform to data driven entities that are able to deal with tsunami’s of structured and unstructured data. NLP can offer help.

Summarizing and searching voice recordings

In collaboration TM7 has developed text summaries with an indexation to recordings, which enables judges to read more.....

Municipality of Utrecht

Together with the municipality Gemeente Utrecht TM7 has implemented the Carp Anonimyzer to help the municipality to deal with public request on information. read more.....