About TM7

Our Mission

Our goals summarized

To be the Benelux leader in Natural Language Processing for financials and government

As software developper building complex financial transactions systems for Postoffices, TM7 started in 2012 building applications using the Carp Language Technology suite.

In this period customers mainly in finance and government are serviced. More specific in the field of Straight Through Processing, Connection with Robotics and Privacy.

Our History

Here an overview of our history since 1995

  • June 1995

    Ir. Danny Lie starts Carp Technologie

  • February 2010

    Group of experienced and innovative developpers start TM7.

  • December 2012

    TM7 acquires Carp Technologies, a startup specialised in Natural Language Technologie from University of Twente

  • JULY 2016

    TM7 teams with TextGain, the Belgian startup specialised in deeplearning for textanalytics

Our Offices

TM7 B.V. location Apeldoorn
Oude Apeldoornseweg 41-45
7333 NR Apeldoorn

Mail: info@tm7.nl
Tel: +31(0)85 210 1025

TM7 B.V. location Hengelo
Carp R&D
Jan Tinbergenstraat 264
7559 ST Hengelo