Nieuw, anonimiseren van dossiers.

Onze anonimiseer applicatie, CARP-E Anonymizer, kan verschillende type documenten aan ongeacht grootte.Op verzoek van een van onze klanten, een grote gemeente, hebben we recent onze functionaliteit uitgebreid met het anonimiseren dossiers.Dit werkt als volgt: Dit scheelt weer heel wat handmatige handelingen en zorgt daarmee voor een stuk efficiency en versnelling. Lees hier meer over CARP-E Anonimiseren.

TM7 @ SPARQ Regtech – Interview with Amir Sabirovic

On Tuesday 15th of May, TM7 IT Innovators was one of the partners at the Compliance & Risk Congres. TM7 was present at the event as partner and supporter of  SPARQ Compliance Platform, an initiative of ING Bank.

We also had a moment on stage presenting the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Regulations and Financial Industry.

Want to know more, have a look at the interview with our COO, Amir Sabirovic.

Please feel free to read and comment. We hope to see you at the next event!

Artificial Intelligence, the next shift in Risk & Finance

On March 29th, Amir Sabirović – Chief Operating Officer at TM7 –  was one of the speakers at the IIR event on Artificial Intelligence in Risk & Finance, which was held for professionals in the banking sector at the Zilveren Toren in Amsterdam.

AI within the regulatory environment

Regulatory Technology (RegTech) is more than hype; it’s a powerful movement that is having a significant impact on regulatory compliance. The world already calls it “new Fintech” with a promise to disrupt the regulatory landscape through Natural Language Processing technology and Artificial Intelligence, compiling and developing advanced solutions to the ever-increasing demands of compliance within the financial industry.

Anonymize or Pseudonymize

Anonymization of text
The Internet is continually having a liberating influence on societies. The call for transparency continuous to increase. This is in marked contrast with the privacy laws in various countries. The big question: How to properly and appropriately protect personal information? Making previously anonimized documents available is an good option, but very time consuming to implement to date. Could automating this process make this a viable option?